ACH&R News Features Commentary from Mitsubishi Electric

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Suwanee, Ga. - September 2012 - Commentary from Mitsubishi Electric's Marc Zipfel was featured in the Sept. 17 issue of ACH&R News. The front-page article, "Thermostats Connect Consumers to the Future," highlights Mitsubishi Electric's views on the future of thermostats and controls. The corresponding product roundup, "Technology Takeover: Thermostats and Controls," includes RedLINK for M-Series.

Additionally, news on Mitsubishi Electric's Carville/Matalin TV spot was featured in the article, "Mitsubishi Electric Airs Heating Debate."

To view the articles online, please click here for the thermostat commentary, here for the product roundup and here for the Carville/Matalin story.

To view the digital edition, please click here and flip to the front page for the thermostat commentary (Mitsubishi Electric commentary appears on page 24), page 18 for the product roundup (RedLINK appears on page 20) and page 6 for the Carville/Matalin story. Please note a free registration is required to view the articles online.

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