HVAC Systems for Government Facilities

Perhaps more than any other segment of the industry, government and military facilities managers are under increasing pressure to improve the overall energy efficiency of each building while reducing operating costs and maintaining environmental comfort. With a wide variety of building types to manage - everything from offices and educational facilities to hospitals and barracks - flexibility and configurability of HVAC systems are critical.

That's why Mitsubishi Electric's Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning solutions are the smart choice for today's government and military applications. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems are designed to be modular and configurable to meet your unique needs, taking into account diversity of usage, occupancy and solar gain parameters. And, we provide you with many options to design best solution for your unique needs:

  • Air handling units come in ducted and ductless variations and can be placed just about anywhere in your interior spaces.
  • Condensing units have a wide range of capacities and can be either air-to-air or water-sourced depending on your needs, and are compact and quiet, simplifying system design.
  • Systems that provide simultaneous heating and cooling by recovering heat energy in one zone and sharing it with another help you maintain the ultimate level of comfort, while saving on energy costs.

Whether you are building from the ground up or need to renovate an existing building, Mitsubishi Electric provides you with the solutions that efficiently and effectively perfect the comfort of your indoor environments. Click to view relevant case studies.

The Comfort Zone
No matter how a particular building is used, you probably have a number of rooms or areas that have different comfort needs or that you want to control independently. Mitsubishi Electric's VRF solutions are comprised of innovative and flexible indoor and outdoor components and controls so you can configure the system that best meets your needs. You can choose from a large number of condensing units (with capacities up to 360,000 BTU/hr.), and a wide variety of air-handling units and controllers to perfectly match the needs of each zone. Click to learn more about our complete product lineup.

Energy Efficient Systems

With innovative INVERTER and expansion-valve technologies, precise temperature control and exceptional part-load performance, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems consistently perform at 25% higher efficiency than traditional systems. And, we are continuously adding more ENERGY STAR® and high EER / SEER-rated units to our lineup to provide you with the energy-efficient products you need.

Mitsubishi Electric systems are among the best performing for Integrated Energy Efficiency Ration (IEER) ratings. The IEER rating tests part-load systems at four different capacity levels and outdoor temperature conditions to provide a very accurate part-load measure. Learn more about the energy efficiency of Mitsubishi Electric systems.

Reduced Operational Costs
From installation to maintenance and servicing, Mitsubishi solutions are built to control and reduce the costs of HVAC systems. Learn more.

Minimized Disruption
Mitsubishi products have been thoughtfully designed to minimize disruption to the people and environments they serve. From installation that doesn't require system shutdown to quiet units that can be placed just about anywhere, remote monitoring and minimal required maintenance, you'll hardly notice that a hard-working HVAC system is there. Learn more.

Meet Fresh Air Requirements and Improve Efficiency at the Same Time
Mitsubishi's indoor units play an important part in providing ventilation air to meet building requirements. Most of our indoor units can process about 20% of tempered outdoor air and our latest models can process 100% of outside air.  You can even provide "free" re-heat by using the R-2 in your configuration.

Additionally, Lossnay® energy recovery ventilator (ERV) helps you satisfy the fresh air requirements for living spaces while improving the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Environmental Responsibility
Mitsubishi Electric is committed to preserving the environment and helping our customers do their part as well. We employ innovative technology in all of our products from design through manufacturing to minimize impact on the environment.
Learn more.

ARRA and the Buy American Act
Mitsubishi Electric's VRF zoning solutions systems offer a substantial number of design and efficiency solutions to meet the requirements of the U.S. Government and Military. To learn more about how Mitsubishi Electric HVAC solutions qualify under non-availability determinations, Contact Us.


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