Multi-zone HVAC Systems

For maximum comfort throughout an entire household, Mitsubishi Electric delivers the world's only two-pipe simultaneous cooling and heating system. With individual setpoint control, each and every zone in a home can be set to achieve a different level of comfort. And, with systems built on innovative, energy-efficient INVERTER technology, your customers can lower their energy costs without sacrificing year-round comfort.

Mitsubishi systems are designed to be modular and configurable to meet your customers' unique needs:

• Indoor units come in ductless and ducted variations and are designed to be placed just about anywhere in interior spaces.
• Condensing units have a wide range of capacities, can utilize a number of cooling and heating energy sources and are compact and quiet, simplifying system design.
• Systems that provide simultaneous heating and cooling by recovering heat energy in one zone and sharing it with another help maintain the ultimate level of comfort.

Whether you are building from the ground up, adding onto or renovating an existing home, Mitsubishi provides you with the solutions that effectively and efficiently perfect the comfort of indoor environments.

Maximum Efficiency
While traditional systems waste energy by cycling off and on to achieve desired set point, Mitsubishi Electric's innovative INVERTER technology varies the compressor's speed according to the cooling or heating load of a zone. And, with flexible zone control cool or heat only the spaces that are in use. Learn more about the efficiency of our systems.

Quiet Operation
Both indoor and outdoor units of Mitsubishi systems have been thoughtfully designed to minimize disruption to home environments. With exceptionally quiet operation, indoor and outdoor units can be placed just about anywhere in the home, giving you freedom of system and structure design.

The fans on indoor units deliver air quietly and continuously and operate at levels as low as 19 dB(A) in low speed. Outdoor units generally range from 46 dB(A) to 57 dB(A) depending on the system and give you design freedom to place the units anywhere on the exterior of a home, including right outside a window. Learn more.

HVAC Simplified
Mitsubishi systems have been designed to simplify everything from design and installation, to maintenance.

• Maintenance points are located in easy-to-access areas for ease of installation and servicing
• Indoor and outdoor units are connected with only three polarity sensitive wires plus a ground conductor
• With only a three-inch opening required in ceilings or walls, Mitsubishi systems can be installed in some of the toughest, tightest spaces.

Variety of Controls Options
For ultimate comfort control, your customers can choose from wireless remote controllers or wall-mounted, hard-wired controllers (wired remotes not available on all systems.) The LCD wireless remote controller is easier to use than most TV remotes with large, easy-to-read displays and a variety of settings that can be controlled from anywhere in the room.

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