Industry Leading Support and Tools

Mitsubishi Electric has trained more than 12,000 contractors and engineers on VRF technology. We offer training courses nearly every week at each of our five Training Centers. In addition, we have a Training & Development (T&D) website driven by our Learning Management System (LMS). The T&D site offers you:

  • CEUs for commercial and residential training
  • Password-protected accounts for all training customers
  • Online registration available for all of our training programs
  • 24/7 access to your Mitsubishi training history

Infrastructure - Network of Distributors & Contractors
MEHVAC has built an infrastructure to support VRF in the US and has the largest infrastructure of distributors & contractors in the US VRF category, more than 1,000 distributor branch offices through the United States.

Mitsubishi has trained more than 12,000 contractors and engineers on VRF technology.

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Alliance program is designed to create a strong, cohesive infrastructure of Distributors, Engineers and Contractors in order to provide outstanding support to our customers:


Mitsubishi Diamond Designers are engineering firms or design/build contractors with in-house engineering staffs that have received training for the design of Mitsubishi Electric's CITY MULTI systems. The Mitsubishi Diamond Designer program is a recognition program for those who have achieved the highest level of training in order to better serve their clients.

Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers are independent contractors that have reached the highest level of accreditation from Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Division. They have successfully completed factory training in the areas of applications, sales and service for the Mr. Slim product.

Tools - Design and Monitoring Systems
Mitsubishi Electric systems are easy to manage and control. Mr. Slim and CITY MULTI indoors units feature wireless remote controllers, depending on the model style, to control temperature, fan speed and more.

The CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN) can manage up to 2,000 indoor units from a single networked PC and provides control over operation, monitoring, scheduling, error email, personal browser, tenant billing and maintenance diagnostic information. The tenant billing option can calculate the energy consumption per system or per indoor unit (depending on how your system is configured), allowing you to bill HVAC electricity consumption per tenant.

Design software makes designing with Mitsubishi VRF zoning systems quick and easy.  Drag and drop components complete the design. Built-in safeguards protect against exceeding limitations and shows if there is an error.

CMCN image 1

Assuring line lengths, maximum connected capacities, component selection, control scheme, etc. are all within the system requirements. System design conditions are easily entered such as indoor and outdoor design conditions for both heating and cooling. Controls and Lossnay ERVs can be set up by selecting the style and dragging and dropping them into the design. The system is summarized in an Excel spreadsheet, and includes all design parameters, equipment list, line sizes, indoor unit operating capacities, additional refrigerant based on the line lengths, control scheme with addressing and more, simplifying job quotes and tracking equipment lists.

With the help of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT or REVIT, a schematic is generated that includes all the requirements to make installation a breeze - includes line sizes, wiring diagram with indoor units grouped as designed, labels indoor units, addressing, etc.

Maintenance software monitors pressure and temperature readings from system sensors in order to control system LEV settings and all connected indoor units. The Energy Modeling Software tool helps you compare energy efficiency of VRFZ to traditional systems and lifecycle cost savings in various climate zones.

Monitoring and Maintenance Software
Mitsubishi's easy-to-use, Windows® based Maintenance Tool software allows technicians to monitor and collect CITY MULTI system data and control various functions of the system for maintenance purposes.

The Maintenance Tool software used to monitor pressure and temperature readings from CITY MULTI system sensors, display and control system LEV settings and display and remotely control all connected indoor units. The software also allows the technician to record and save system monitor data for the purposes of trending and system analysis offsite as well as display malfunction logs and email error reports to personnel responsible for servicing the system.

System monitoring is accomplished through direct connection between your PC and the M-NET bus line using the MN-Converter or by connecting remotely to a system centralized controller such as the AG-150, GB-50 or tc-24 via a TCP/IP network, or via a remote dialup connection.

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