Centralized Controllers



The EB-50GU-A Centralized Controller features advanced functionality with expanded monitoring, control, dual set point and trending abilities. The EB-50GU-A also supports the humidity, occupancy and brightness sensors on the SmartME Remote Controller and displays the status of AdvancedHVAC Controller inputs and outputs. Click here for technical information. (Requires seperate power supply model PAC-SC51KUA.)

  • Manages up to 50 indoor units individually, in a group or in a collective batch operation
  • Optional software: SW-Charge - for tenant billing (TG-2000 V6.40 or later required) and SW-PWeb - for online personal web browser
  • Supports dual set-point functionality (depending on connected model)
  • Displays: CITY MULTI® compressor speed and hi/low pressure; AdvancedHVAC controller input/output status; indoor unit auxiliary contact input/output status; space temperature and humidity (from SmartME or AI controller); error code; unoccupied set-back temperature range
  • Functions: hold (temporarily disables scheduling of indoor unit – model dependent); intitial setting; operation data back-up
  • Permits/prohibits: Remote controller functions and temperature set-point range limits can be set for local remote controllers
  • Monitoring and operation: Operation modes – auto (R2-Series), cool, heat, fan, drying, set-back (R2-Series); temperature setting; fan speed; airflow direction
  • Monitoring and scheduling: CITY MULTI indoor units; M- and P-Series units (requires M-Met adapter); Lossnay® units; PWFY hydronic heat pump units; Input/Output controllers
  • Trending capabilities: Run time, temperatures, humidity
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) Controller: 4-3/4" x 8-7/8" x 1-13/16" (120 x 225 x 46mm); PAC-SC51KUA Power Supply: 6-11/16" x 10-11/16" x 2-7/8" (170 x 25 x 73mm)
Model Specifications

Sorry but there are no specifications available for this product. Please see a product catalog or contact your local sales representative for more information.

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